About Us


Story of Backpackers fairytale hostel started 12 years ago. Back then we didn’t know how to achieve what we had planned, but we had the same enthusiasm that drives us today and enormous amount of courage.  Back then our idea was to bring the world to Split and the hostel experience we found in so many hostels around the globe that we visited.


During these 10 years our vision slowly became a reality. We could tell you how many guests we accommodated though out these 10 years, but we never considered them as just numbers. More important for us was the experience and vibe that was created along the way where every guest is a friend among like-minded people.

We are travellers, business owners, business managers, drivers, hosts, cleaners, animal lovers, dog persons, recreational sport enthusiasts, foodies and more.


But first of all we are friends and as that we want to welcome you to our space of chill and joy in Split.





Our staff base are Antea,  the owner, and many international volunteers who join us in summer season when we grow up to 10 people. Every team member is equally important.


Antea – the owner


antea ćurin











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