How to find us


Welcome to Split!


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Please follow detailed directions.


To Backpackers Fairytale hostel:

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Upon leaving the Bus/ Train/ Ferry Terminal at Obala kneza Domagoja, walk North-West following the main road leading towards Split’s Old Town. The road will take a hard right-hand turn (almost 180 degrees). Follow the turn until you reach pedestrian crossing where you’ll notice wide stone stairs on your right. Up the stairs, through Inbox bar you’ll come to a crossing with traffic lights. Cross the street on your left side (side of the market) and continue straight up to another set of stairs on your left.


Take the stairs and continue right through the market. Walk all the way forward until you reach a big parking lot. Our building is situated on the top of the car park just on your right (it’s the tallest building there). The entrance to the building is on the West/ left-hand side of the building. To the right of the door, you will notice our address, 3 Istarska, and our hostel sign.


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To Wonderful World hostel:

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Located in the old town, a ten-minute walk from the beach and minutes from all the attractions of the Palace. Although we’re just a street away from bars, restaurants, and shops, you’ll find yourself in a quiet and peaceful corner where you can feel like a local resident of Split.


Upon leaving the Bus/ Train/ Ferry Terminal at Obala kneza Domagoja, walk North/East along Obala kneza Domagoja up to Obala Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda (Riva). Continue on the walkway up to Trg Franje Tudjmana after which you have to turn to Ulica bana Josipa Jelacica on your right. At the near end of the street turn left into Krizeva ulica. After 70 meters or so, turn right into Radmilovica ulica.


Wonderful World is hidden in a small local square where Radmilovica and Bilanova street are crossing.


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1. Istarska 3, the entrance of Backpackers fairytale Hostel

2. Top of Plinarska ulica/street near the car park on your right